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Nestled in the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Company is your trusted source for premium wild-harvested treasures. With decades of expertise in foraging and a commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability, we bring you the essence of the forest through our handpicked Chaga, Turkey Tail Mushroom, and Fiddleheads products. Join us on a journey that celebrates the natural world's abundance and nourishes both body and soul. Experience the wild with Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Company today.

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Meet Dwight Thornton: The Wild Foods Expert

Meet Dwight Thornton, a pioneering force in the world of wild foods, who embarked on his remarkable journey in 1960 to provide for his family of 15. Transitioning from necessity to passion, he honed his skills as a forager and mushroom hunter, culminating in a professional role as a buying agent for major mushroom companies along the Pacific Northwest coast in 1997. In 2006, he founded Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products in New Brunswick, Canada, becoming the first to offer Chaga in its pure form online.

Dwight's firsthand encounters with deceptive practices in the wild-harvested products industry fueled his dedication to professionalism and integrity. His mission with Fiddlehead Heaven is to protect consumers from such practices. Under his guidance, the company has set unwavering standards for quality, transparency, and sustainability, reflecting Dwight's profound commitment to nature and those who relish its treasures. Dwight Thornton stands as a beacon in ethical harvesting, environmental protection, and preserving the wild's integrity.

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At Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products, we take pride in offering you a diverse range of nature's finest treasures. Our featured products showcase the essence of the forest and the expertise of our harvesting process. Experience the essence of the forest with our featured products. At Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, transparency, and sustainability in every wild-harvested treasure we offer.


Chaga Mushroom

Known for its potent antioxidants & immune-boosting properties, Chaga is a true marvel of the wild. Our Chaga products are prepared with precision to ensure you experience the full benefits of every sip.


Turkey Tail Mushroom

Celebrated for its immune-boosting qualities, Turkey Tail Mushroom is a natural powerhouse. Our Turkey Tail products exemplify authenticity and quality, harnessing the magic of this wild treasure.


Chaga Tea

Indulge in the taste of the wild with our chaga tea. Handpicked and expertly prepared, they bring the essence of the forest to your cup. Each sip is a connection to the natural world's abundance.

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Our Wild Gourmet Collection

Indulge your senses with our exquisite selection of wild and gourmet mushrooms, hand-picked from the hidden corners of nature's finest forests.

Customer Testimonials: Voices of Satisfaction

At Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products, we let our customers' words speak volumes. Delve into the authentic experiences of those who have savored the essence of the forest through our wild-harvested treasures. These testimonials reflect the true essence of our dedication to quality and satisfaction.

Chanterelle Mushrooms
Lobster Mushroom
Turkey Tail Mushroom
King Boletus Mushroom
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" Previous customer of Fiddlehead Heaven very pleased to receive same excellent quality product. Thanks Alyssa for arranging process of shipping to UK, great customer service. "

“ Product quality was good, made excellent tea. Chunk size in half pound package small as advertised. ”

“ As usual the Chaga thermal tea were an excellent quality and the Chaga it self is excellent quality and we will only purchase it from Fiddlehead Heaven and give it a five star rating. ”

“ My husband and I enjoyed your product. We both drink 8-10 ounces a day. We both had better cholesterol numbers after one month of daily consumption. We are satisfied. ”


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Peter Jensen

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David Hamilton


Marykay Barnes

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