Health Benefits of Chaga: Top 10 Reasons to Try It

by Anthony Ricciuto Health Benefits of Chaga: Helps to Reduce Inflammation Regulates Blood Sugar Fights Cancer Nature’s Vitamin Supplement Lowers Cholesterol Supports the Immune System Facilitates Healthy Skin Improves Digestion Relieves Muscle & Joint Pain Provides Energy Looking to enhance your overall well-being? Look no further than chaga, a powerful medicinal mushroom and natural medicine […]

Chaga Mushroom Harvesting

How To Make Chaga Tea I harvested this tree in the pictures below first in 2006 and then harvested it again in 2010. And as you can see, I did not disturb the inner part of the tree by digging into the tree.  It remains sealed and does not harm the Xylem or the Pith […]

How To Make Chaga Tea

How To Make Chaga Tea Try our brand new Chaga ThermO Tea Bags for those of you on the go! Chaga Tea Suggested Brewing Directions Although there is much conflicting information in regards to Chaga Tea brew times & directions across the internet and among other companies -please do not be distracted by the confusion […]

Buying Chaga Mushrooms

Tips for Buying Chaga Mushrooms I have been an avid wild foods forager (you have no choice when trying to feed a family of 15 in those days) since 1960, a mushroom hunter since 1987, and a professional hunter and buying agent for larger mushroom companies on the Pacific northwest coast since 1997, right up […]

Chaga Mushrooms

Wild Harvested Chaga We don’t just harvest wild Canadian Chaga, we have been drinking Chaga Tea every day for our own health since 2006! Chaga is a non-renewable wild resource, so why not buy your cured Chaga from the people who have many years of experience harvesting wild mushrooms and as professionals with over 30 […]

Our Chaga Research

In the spring of 2014 we announced on our Facebook page that we were working with a bio research company called Bio Food Tech in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I then promised that I would make this research available to our customers. In the  last week of Dec. 2014 I received the first report from Bio […]

Siberian Chaga or Canadian Chaga?

Siberian Chaga or Canadian Chaga? ‘Tis the question… Since 2007, I have had thousands of emails asking me how our Chaga here in New Brunswick compared to the Chaga in Siberia, where they and others were claiming that they in Siberia had the best and the purest Chaga on the planet. I simply could not […]