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Freeze Dried Chaga Crystal

Introducing a new product, and after two years of trial and error, I have discovered the right method and formula for this one of a kind 4 – step Cold Water Chaga Crystal extracted product. Step-4 is the Freeze Dried process and is no secret, steps 1-3 were Copywrited in 03/2022, and now in the […]

We were the first

We were the first Can Canada Keep its Chaga Boom from Going Bust? | by Amir Aziz | Asparagus Magazine | Asparagus Magazine (medium.com) https://medium.com/asparagus-magazine/chaga-mushroom-fungus-health-food-foraging-sustainable-forest-wildcrafting-9c371594b193

Tera Warner’s Wish Radio

Tera Warner’s Wish Radio Dwight Thornton WISH Radio: Straight Talk For Women’s Health podcast (player.fm) https://player.fm/series/wish-radio-straight-talk-for-womens-health/dwight-thornton