Freeze Dried Chaga Crystal

Freeze Dried Chaga Crystal

Introducing a new product, and after two years of trial and error, I have discovered the right method and formula for this one of a kind 4 – step Cold Water Chaga Crystal extracted product. Step-4 is the Freeze Dried process and is no secret, steps 1-3 were Copywrited in 03/2022, and now in the Patent Pending process.

And again as I did back in 2007 when I introduced Chaga to the world in its natural form, I am now again offering this new product at our manufactured wholesale price to our customers. This product is not available to resellers due to the very limited quantities that we are able to produce weekly.

I also want to let the world into a little unknown secret about the Freeze Dried products industry. Yes it is true that the Freeze Dried process does and will maintain 97% of the nutrients of the product that is being freeze-dried, but if the product being freeze-dried has already been dried or cooked then that product has already lost a minimum of 30% of its nutrient values and will lose a further 3% of nutrients during the freeze-dried process, giving only 67% of its original fresh nutrient value, so really the only advantage to freeze-drying a dried or cooked product would be a far longer shelf life than conventual dehydration methods but will result in an inferior nutrient based product to even conventional drying methods.

I  could have introduced this product last Spring, but the sap started running in the Birch trees so I had to stop harvesting fresh Chaga and I did not have enough crystal made to offer our customers.. Yes I could have continued  making it with my already dried Chaga as others do but that would not have been the  ethical thing to do. I want only the best for my family and for yours so I have waited until now to harvest the Chaga fresh from the trees again to bring you a true 97% nutrient based  Chaga product

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