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In the spring of 2014 we announced on our Facebook page that we were working with a bio research company called Bio Food Tech in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I then promised that I would make this research available to our customers. In the  last week of Dec. 2014 I received the first report from Bio Food Tech that has been ongoing for the last 10 months and the research that has been completed so far. Now before you read on; I want to say this again ( and for the 10,000th time ) that personally I could care less about what it is, that is in Chaga that saved and changed my life and so many others’ lives here in New Brunswick, the rest of Canada and the USA so dramatically back in 2006 and 2007. To be honest with you, the other people who the Chaga was helping didn’t seem to care much about what was in it either back then, until the marketers got hold of it and started making all kinds of claims on the Internet with their Webinars and Seminars!

And according to some, they have even had messages and visions from God telling them that it was their mission to carry the message of Chaga to the masses.  Please people, I am begging you again to use the common sense that we were born with not to take these people seriously.  So, then the onslaught of emails started coming in asking me for all kinds of answers to technical and scientific questions about Chaga that did I did not have ( did I mention that my formal training and background was in Arboriculture & Wild Mushrooms anywhere on this site?) I have set out to have some of these questions answered by those who can answer them, both for myself and for you.

Wild Dried Fiddleheads
Wild Dried Fiddleheads
Fresh Chaga New Brunswick
Fresh Chaga New Brunswick

Below is the report that I am sharing with the results from our ongoing research with Bio Food Tech. Now I know what most of you are going to say once you read this. Where is the Betulin that we keep hearing about on every website we go to ? All I can say is, I don’t know and I have the same questions as you do. When I started this quest to find this out months ago, my original goal was to answer this very important question.: Was Betulinic acids water soluble, or did you need to extract it with alcohol? You can well imagine what my first reaction to this was:  What do you mean, you couldn’t find enough Betulin to test?  How can this be? And then I went back into the analysis that was done in 2007 in Japan ( link to this analysis is below as well) and sure enough there was no mention in their report of Betulin either, so what the heck  are all these companies and Natural Health Gurus who claim to be authoritarians on the Chaga mushroom talking about then?

If you look at the analysis for antioxidants that was done in Japan 2007 that I posted on the website back then, there actually is no mention of Betulinic Acids as being part of the antioxidant values either, only Melanin is mentioned. The Chaga samples that they tested back then were from Russia, so it seems that we have two comparative reports now .  So where do I go from here to answer these questions? I don’t know!  Please if anyone has actual real data with a signed C.O.A. (Certificate Of Analysis) and seal from a reputable analytic company that shows the Betulin content and the percentages , could you please send me a copy or point me in the right direction?

My focus now is on gathering 12 samples for Bio Food Tech for them to analyze the different Antioxidant values of Chaga gathered from each of our four seasons.  3 samples from Fall harvest 2014 ( we have them) 3 samples from Winter 2015 Harvest (we have them)  3 samples from Spring Harvest 2015 ( to be gathered before sap starts running) 3 samples from Summer ( we don’t harvest through the summer months, but I will gather them, and it will be interesting to see if I am right or wrong about Chaga losing nutrients during the sap run) but my formal training as an Arborist tells me I’m not wrong.

And yes I realize that anyone can copy & paste any of the information in this report from Bio Food Tech. I did speak with our lawyer on the topic of copyright infringement, and his exact words were as follows.

It’s like the locks on our houses, they only keep honest people out!!!

2014 Bioffodtech Report There is still more research and many more experiments to be done to answer all the questions that I have been asked to answer. Some have just been answered in the report below. More will be answered as I can afford it, while others will not be answered at all because I simply do not have the money it will take to answer them. This research is very expensive, but we are doing the very best we can.

With that said, I would like to thank Bio Food Tech for the funding provided and for your ongoing support and research with us into 2015 to help figure this out for us all!

Below is a comparison for polysaccharides  that I had done in 2011 between our dried Fiddleheads & our dried Chaga Mushrooms. As you can clearly see, the dried Fiddleheads have almost three times more Polysaccharides (Glucose – Beta Glutan’s) than that of the Chaga Mushroom.

For complete analysis of Fiddleheads go to:


For complete analysis of Chaga Mushrooms go to the link below:


NHP Laboratories Inc.
NHP Laboratories Inc.