Capsule Making Machine & Supplies

Capsule Making Machine

We are now taking advantage of our dried herbs (Chaga, Dried Fiddleheads, Powdered Dandelion root).  Make your own capsules at home with the Capsule Making Machine & Gelatin Capsules (Beef gelatin & purified water).

We simply love being able to do this for ourselves, and we are sure that you will too!

We have been testing out a few capsule making machines, and this is the best machine that we have tried, both for ease of use and price! 

Makes approx. 480 capsules per lb. of Chaga Powder.

That's a six month supply at 3 capsules per day!!

Capsule Making Instructions

 1.  Read green sheet in bag before you begin. Place base on stand. Put longer part of capsule in base, shorter part in top (open ends up, push the caps about half way down so you know where you left off, when you have all of your capsules in then push them all down flush with the surface.

 2.  Put Base in shallow bowl or plate. Pour powder in, then spread with enclosed green plastic card.

 3.  Use tamping tool to compact powder into capsules, and then pour in more powder. Spread excess powder off over corner back into your bowl or plate.

 4. Take base off stand. Replace top. Put on a flat surface. Press down firmly on the sides of the unit until it bottoms out.

 5.  Capsules are automatically joined and held in the top.

 6.  Press the top evenly and firmly. The capsules are ejected into your waiting clean bowl.