Chaga ThermO Teabag

Chaga ThermO Teabags

Exclusively made at Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products! 

Quantities are limited for this specialty item!

This specialty product took us over 2 years to develop & it's truly an awesome product. Not a Chaga powder, not a Tea Grind, but a Premium Blend of our Wild Chaga.  
It's an "in-between" Granule grade, containing 50/50 concentration of the black outer & inner layers of our Wild harvested Chaga.

We're excited to bring you this Premium Blend product.
Our new Chaga ThermO Tea Bags are designed for use with high quality vacuum sealed 24 to 36 fluid oz. bottles (such as Thermos ® or Stanley ® brands) that will stay hot for a minimum of 24 hrs.

Our new Chaga ThermO  Tea Bags will prove to be a big energy saver for those who do not want (or are fearful of) brewing their Chaga Tea overnight on a traditional stove top or in a slow cooker (Crock pot) .  
For years we've been trying to come up with a product that doesn't require the use of a stove, or a crock pot to brew our Tea. This Premium Chaga Teabag will prove to be most convenient for those on-the-go, to work, to school, or just to enjoy throughout the day at home!

Simply boil water, (let stand for a second until the water stops boiling) add your tea bag to your vacuum bottle, add 4 to 6 cups of the hot water. Cap and let sit overnight!! It's as simple and easy as that!!!

Comes in packets of 15, 30 or 60 Teabag

Orders Yours Now While They Last!!