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  1. Maritime Canada is known for the bounty of the sea and the richness of our farms but we are also blessed with world class hunting grounds for wild mushrooms. This richly detailed book details the thrill of the hunt and is an invaluable resource for anyone keen to kick off an edible treasure hunt!

  2. I found this handbook a great blend of humour and really useful information for the novice, as well as the informed mushroom hunters out there. I have known Dwight since his days in the wild mushroom industry in British Columbia and the information he is giving is based on years of experience and is invaluable.Anyone who has a love of the outdoors and wants to experience the joy and tranquility of foraging for mushrooms in nature, and the same day cooking one of the fabulous recipes in Dwight’s book, must pick up a copy of this for their backpack.

  3. Once I started reading “foraging and cooking for wild mushrooms” I couldn’t put it down. On top of that, I’ll have to put aside my passion for trout fishing and start stalking the surrounding forests for the delicious mushrooms Dwight has introduced me to.

  4. I was introduced to mushrooms later in life, as my family (especially my grandmother) believed that you could die from eating them. My gastronomical education began with mushrooms on pizza (age 15). Of course, I never mentioned anything to my grandparents as they would have reached for a laxative immediately to save my life.

    I’m delighted to offer my review of Foraging For And Cooking With Wild Mushrooms. This is a field guide that will appeal to the sophisticated as well as the neophyte mushroom lover. It contains practical knowledge on where to find the varieties of mushrooms, how to harvest and transport them, and in my favourite section, how to cook them. As I read the book, I found the recipes tantalizing – I can’t wait to try them out.

    This simple to understand field guide will remove your fears, and open your eyes to a hidden bounty of nature that is ready to be harvested on your next hike through the woods. It’s also a great way to open the gastronomical doors to the kids or grandchildren.

    Dwight Thornton loves mushrooms and imparts his knowledge and passion in a gentle humorous way. Once you’ve read the book, you will feel that he has become a friend. I’m looking forward to another book on fiddleheads possibly… I was 26 before I tried them, granny didn’t like those either.

  5. Dwight,

    Thank you so much for allowing me to read your book.

    I really enjoyed it, I keep wanting to call it ‘The Handbook’ for all mushroom pickers. If my pickers won’t buy this book, I will buy it for them.

    You share the basic rules in a way that is easy to understand, and to the point. As a Mushroom company and buyer of wild mushrooms, it makes this book a great tool that I can use in my own business as well.

    Job well done

    Best of luck to you.

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Been purchasing chaga chunks from Fiddlehead for over several years to brew my own and provide it for customers. Found them to be very informative with info and research. Most recently (Aug 2023) I tasted their Chaga Crystal product…simple to use (just add water) and delicious. Just like I brewed it myself. Kudos to Dwight and all at Fiddlehead. Well done!
Beautiful Chaga, ethically sourced, with love from the living forest. Fantastic customer service, good communication, speedy delivery! Thank you, Fiddlehead 🙂
I found Fiddlehead Heaven while searching for Turkeytail mushrooms in NB (recommended to me by a restorative medicine Dr.) and after reading about Chaga & its ability to fight inflammation, I placed my order. I so far love the tea I make & I can feel the benefits of it working hand in hand with my Prolotherapy on my back & neck. It has helped reduce the amount of pain I experience. I haven’t been taking it all that long but because of how good I am beginning to feel I certainly will continue. The order was super easy to place & was at my door in no time and their knowledge & information sharing has made getting my health back such a positive road for me. Thank you Fiddlehead Heaven
I love the products. I would recommend using chaga. Very knowledgeable owners.
I have been purchasing Chaga from Fiddlehead Heaven for years. Excellent product and excellent customer service. After a bout with cancer I am doing everything I can to boost my immune system and I strongly believe in the medicinal properties of chaga, which I introduced after my diagnosis. Drinking chaga tea is a daily practice that I will never quit.

I have recommended Fiddlehead Heaven to friends and family and will continue to do so.
Excellent product, Fantastic people! Highly recommend.
Love my Chaga….it has kept me Healthy and that equals Happiness, Energy, Wellness and I have been fortunate to have great results..
Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Low inflamation,
The list goes on & on. Even my physician said to never stop using your Chaga, and believe me, I won’t. I am not on any pharmaceutical medicine due to the natural healing powers of this magnificent mushroom. Thank you Dwight for paying it forward, it is our reward�