• Timber Blend ThermO Teabags

Timber Blend ThermO Teabags



Our (ThemO) Timber Blend tea bags bring you a very special immune-boosting Tea.

Our Timber Blend tea is fresh, wild, and handpicked from our Acadian forests here in New Brunswick, Canada.

Use this fresh infusion to support a healthy immune system. Pine needles have historically been relied upon for detoxification. Today, with naturally occurring shikimic acid and other terpenes, it is used for all-over immune support. Chaga mushrooms are one the highest sources of Antioxidants and SODs ever known to man. The inner layer of Birch Bark has been used for centuries as a therapy for gout, rheumatism, and dropsy as well as, for dissolving kidney stones and is a diuretic.

Both Chaga and Birch Bark contain Betulinic acid, a natural compound that shows potent anticancer activity through activation of the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in cancer cells. (Inner Layer Birch Bark containing higher levels)

Directions: Bring water to a boil and turn off the heat. Simply put the teabag in a cup of just-boiled water in a 4-6 cup vacuum thermos and cap. Steeping for 2 hr or longer increases the potency. bags can be used for a second brew

Ingredients: Wild Chaga Mushroom, Inner Layer Birchbark, Dried Pine Needles