The Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Chaga

The Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Chaga

Since 2019 and the Covid pandemic and the worry about our food supply, there has been a trend, especially among the Prepper community to secure a long-term food supply, and one of the ways they are doing this is through the use of Freeze-Dryers which if done correctly can preserve your food for up to 25-years.

Foraging for and cooking with wild mushrooms 4
Foraging for and cooking with wild mushrooms

However, while it is true that Freeze-drying will maintain 97% of the nutrient values of the products that are put into the freeze-dryer, one must be careful not to be fooled by the claims of some companies in the Health & Wellness industry that their medicinal products have been freeze-dried thus maintaining the 97% of the products nutrient values.

I want to be clear about this, there is only one way to achieve that true 97% nutrient value and that’s by using a freshly harvested mushroom, berry, or vegetable and freezing it immediately after harvest to hold its 100% nutrient value while waiting for its turn to be  put into the Freeze Dryers.

I have personally contacted almost all of the online sellers who sell Freeze-Dried Chaga and asked them if they harvest their own Chaga for freeze-drying and if so, how was their Chaga processed before it is freeze-dried. Most of the companies I contacted did not respond to my emails, but the ones who did gave me the same answer, they did not harvest Chaga themselves and did not possess a Freeze-Dryer, and all who responded said they purchased their freeze-dried Chaga from Russia and did not know the process used by their suppliers.

Again let me be clear about this, if any pre-dried Chaga has been pre-dried before being freeze-dried and depending on the drying method used, it has already lost 30% of its nutrients and will lose another 3% of its nutrient value through the freeze-drying process, so the end result will be a mushroom that holds only 67% of its original fresh nutrient value. So in my mind, the only reason to freeze-dry an already-dried Chaga mushroom would be to prolong its shelf life for up to 25 years if processed properly and sealed into Malar bags with an oxygen absorber added.

So my advice to anyone who is considering buying a freeze-dried product is to ask the questions that I asked, was this product freeze-dried fresh or processed from an already pre-dried product? And here is where we have always tried to help the public out since 1997 by asking the tough questions and thereby being responsible for your own health and making sure that you are getting the best possible product that you can get to enhance your health and your life.

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I have always begged people to use the good common sense that we were all born with, especially when it comes to our health. So with all this said, let me end with this!

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